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Complete Supply – Evak Engineering

Evak Engineering provide Complete Supply for customers. This involves us in building the full machine including:

  • manufacture
  • assembly
  • installation.

Often the customer wants to work with a partner who can support them. For example by building the full machine. Subsequently we fulfil this purpose. Our experience includes a cross section of engineering processes:

  • machining
  • pressing
  • welding
  • fabrication
  • powder coating.

Complete Supply Involvement

Furthermore, complete supply requires us to be involved at the design stage. We work with the customers consultants, designers, and engineers. For instance to ensure that the concept can be built.

The full bill of material is managed and delivered by the team at Evak Engineering.

In addition, firstly our machine shop will turn and mill the components. Secondly our pressings team will press parts for use in the assembly. Finally our welding team will weld the components.


Subsequently, we will take the components and parts and assemble the Complete Supply machine. Above all this can then be tested and signed off before being ready for installation.

Furthermore, as we manage the full project, we work closely with our customers. In other words to deliver against agreed milestones and deadlines.

Complete Supply – From beginning to end

In addition, our input at the design and pre-build stage allows us to advise of any manufacturing and assembly issues. This is identified before the build commences.

We work from concepts into design. Where necessary we will build a prototype ahead of full sample approval.

The feedback loop with our customers ensures that drawings and specifications match the final parts, components, and machine. This prevents problems with future builds and spares requirements.


In addition, we have our own Complete Supply product FireDocBox. This was designed from concept to meet a conceptual request from the local Fire Brigade.

The FireDocBox stores critical building designs and access equipment. This will be used by the Fire Brigade in the event of an emergency. Furthermore it is protected with a Bi-Lock master keying system.

Subsequently, we have supplied these into flats and apartment blocks.

Evak Engineering deliver to a wide range of sectors. Our customer base is both in the North East and beyond.

Complete Supply, FireDocBox

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