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Flexible Engineering Design and Support

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16 December 2021

Evak Engineering’s flexible engineering design and support was needed last week. A customer asked for us to quote for preparing some tube material for them.  Their own project is a group of assemblies that they will be working on during the next few months.

Subsequently the customer decided it would be best if we did additional machining as well as the preparation.  Our flexible approach means that we can immediately build this into our work cycle.

Flexible Engineering – Milling and Turning

Furthermore, milling and turning is needed to complete the work on this material.  Our flexible engineering design and support makes this possible.

The additional work is within our capabilities and the customer is keen to add this to the processing that we are doing.

In addition, there is a need to thread one end of the tube, the customer has supplied their own tooling.  Unfortunately, this is worn so we have agreed to use our own tooling and gauging to ensure the finished material meets the specification.

As this project is the first of 20 and is developing as we go, the customer has been adding further processes.  To free up his time we are going to leave the material prepped for welding. 

CNC Turning – Flexible Engineering Design and Support

Flexible Engineering Design and Support – Rapid Prototyping

It is important to get them off the ground quickly and they have asked that we complete the first 4, so they can work on them ahead of Christmas.

Working closely with our customers means that we are on hand to offer advice and support.  In addition, we can help them to develop the project and processes needed for the smooth building of the assemblies.

The rapid turnround of the parts means they can get on with their processes.  Furthermore, Evak Engineering’s problem-solving approach gets things done quickly and efficiently. 

As the customer said, “it gives you good experience”.

Always on Hand to Help

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