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Milling North East

Milling North East at Evak Engineering. Evak Engineering has a wide range of milling machines. Providing precision engineered parts and components. Recent investment in CNC Milling allows Evak Engineering to increase the range of parts that we manufacture. Subsequently we now offer batch and production volume parts and components.

Range of milling equipment

Furthermore the versatile range of milling equipment and the skilled team who operate these machines allows us to provide a wide range of milling expertise. In addition, we also have the all-round flexibility for milling of prototypes; spare parts and innovative concept engineering.

Our milling involves a diverse array of materials Mild Steels; Aluminium; Stainless Steel and other specialised materials.

Furthermore, materials are provided with traceability certification if required and the components are machined to exacting tolerances and specifications.

CNC Milling North East – Investment

In other words our investment in CNC Milling means that we keep up to date with latest software developments, tooling and training. Subsequently, this allows us to mill the materials efficiently with the optimised feeds and speeds to achieve precision engineered finishes.

In addition the diverse components that we manufacture on our milling machines at Evak Engineering include:

  • blade sharpening for recycling industries as the materials are shredded the blades on the recycling plant wear. Our milling capacity includes blade reconditioning and sharpening.
  • Components for architectural structures, these are often brushed stainless steel or aluminium parts, that are manufactured as a set of mating parts.
  • Milled parts for sub-sea applications with tight tolerances and suitability for the environment.
  • Milled parts for the safety sector which are batch produced to ensure that the tolerances are maintained, and the safety features stand the test in the marketplace.
  • Milling of high-pressure components for off-shore assemblies.

Subsequently we deliver to a wide range of sectors and has a customer base in the North East and beyond.

Milling North East
Milling North East

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