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Pressings North East

Pressings North East at Evak Engineering. A range of pressings are available at Evak Engineering. In short we have been doing so for 40 years. Our pressings are provided at our current site at Brentwood Grove.

Multiple sectors use Pressings. They have widely varying applications. Threaded wire forms are also provided. The volumes can be from ten offs up to thousands.

Pressings Equipment at Evak Engineering

Our equipment includes power presses. Firstly these power presses range from 9 Tonne up to 100 Tonne. Secondly each machine has its own range of product capability.

Evak Engineerings skilled team assess the correct machine for each pressing.

Furthermore, parts are then manufactured to drawings and/or control samples.

Pressings North East – Assembly

Sometimes the pressings need to be assembled. In addition we have facilities to provide spot and stud welding of the pressed components.

Moreover, some of these pressed assemblies are powder coated. Powder coating is also provided in house.

Radial Arm Drilling

We provide radial arm drilling from single spindle to twelve in line spindles. In addition offering a guillotining service up to 8mm.

Working with a range of materials including:

  • mild steel
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • specialised material.

Similarly, material traceability is offered.

Pressings North East, Radial Arm Drilling
Pressings North East


Our pressings are used in many sectors.

  • FireDocBox – our own product. Our FireDocBox is used in residential and commercial properties. It enables you to securely store emergency services data. Moreover, this is provided with a safety Bi-lock for added security.
  • Key identification – stamping house keys with manufacturers details. This enables residents to get duplicate keys.
  • Brackets and hooks for the Fire Safety Industry. Allowing extinguishers and other equipment to be safely and accessibly stored for rapid deployment.
  • Industrial pressings for Oil and Gas Industry applications. In addition for Construction and Agriculture.
  • Unique Identification Tags used for safe working loads and safety timeframes.

The pressings at Evak Engineering are delivered to a wide range of sectors. In addition our customer base is in the North East and beyond.

If you would any information please do contact us. Also, please connect with us on LinkedIn