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Prototype – Complete Build

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20 January 2022

Evak Engineering’s wide range of engineering skills has won approval on two new designs. A new prospect has been assessing engineering capabilities over the last few months to support their design and complete build of two prototype machines for their factory. This is a new project where the drawings are still at concept stage and the final design will develop during the prototype build.

Furthermore the customer decided it would be best if both machines were built by the same supplier. Our range of manufacturing and our Complete Build facilities has positioned us well with this customer. The project will need machining – turning and milling; welding; pressing and then the complete build. Our flexible approach means that we can programme these diverse tasks into our work cycle.

Complete Build – Machining Welding and Pressings

In addition, the milling and turning work can be completed on our traditional lathes and millers, with drawing amendments and proposals recorded for each component in the build. Our skill and experience to understand the complete build makes this flexible approach possible.

The rapid feedback to the client and their design team reduces the lead time from design through to full manufacture. Our Pressings team can ensure that the pressed parts will marry up with the machined components and allow the welding of sub-assemblies to be completed without distorting the materials.

In addition, the components, pressings and welded sub-assemblies can then be handed to our complete build team. This will identify any problems with the Complete Build at this stage. Any changes can immediately be addressed and the drawings amended. Consequently the build time is kept to a minimum and the faults and fouls are designed out.

The customer aim is to build the prototype within 3 to 4 weeks. This can be achieved as we will run the processes in parallel up to the final build. In addition the design team will be given progress reports each week and on the day of any significant changes have to be built in.

As this project is the first of possibly 50 to 60 units we need to get the design prototype into trial as early as possible. Materials and profiles are all underway, the processes have been identified and the skilled workforce briefed. In addition those taking a hands on role with the project have been further briefed on their remit. Once we move to Complete Build on the full build we will move machining to our CNC Turning and CNC Milling.

Complete Build – CNC Turning – Prototype

Prototype – Complete Build – Approval

It is important to get the prototype off the ground quickly and they have asked that we complete the first two units within 3 to 4 weeks, so that trialling at their plant can start in February.

Working closely with our customers and their design team means that we are on hand to offer advice and support. In addition, we can help them to develop the project and processes needed for the smooth running of the Complete Build.

The rapid turnround of the machines gives them the opportunity to implement this cost saving solution quickly. Furthermore, Evak Engineering’s problem-solving approach gets things done quickly and efficiently.

As the customer said, “lets get the prototypes built so we can start to see the benefit”.

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