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Clutter of competing projects draws on your time, specialist engineered components often get left until later. At Evak Engineering our Simple bespoke engineering solution can help you meet a tight deadline. As the precision engineered part is critical, our rapid response, years of experience and range of engineering capability will allow us to get your problem solved on time!

Our high volume continuous process partners need a rapid response; the process equipment is heavily used which can lead to equipment fatigue as well as unforeseen break-downs. Our experience in these high pressure situations means we can offer a cool head to identify root cause of failure and quickly formulate solutions that bring Harmony to the process to get you operational without delay.

Evak Engineering work with entrepreneurs who are looking for an innovative proposition which they can present to their clients. These projects are often held up because of the bespoke nature of the engineered part and the fact that it is a low volume. Our engineering skills and experience coupled with our wide ranging engineering capability means we can convert these difficulties into Opportunity as we engineer a workable solution.

Our approach is to use our sho technique: Simple; Harmony and Opportunity for problem solving to support our customers. Making sure that your project is managed by the correct team.