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Welding Fabrications

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9 March 2022

Evak Engineering’s wide range of engineering skills has resulted in us becoming an ongoing supplier in the Oil and Gas Sector. Over the last few years we have been working closely with our customer in assembling welded fabrications. these projects have become ongoing repeat work for our welding team. Each month we are asked to supply more fabrications which we are now turning round within the week of material supply.

Furthermore the customer decided it would be best if we take delivery of the materials in batches and sort and prepare everything ready for the welding and fabrication. Our range of manufacturing and our Complete Build facilities has positioned us well with this customer. The project will need tacking; assembly; welding and sign off for the final fabrications.  Our flexibility means we have a team of welders who can take on these fabrications. Additionally we can slot them into our work cycle with other customers.

Fabrication – Welding and Assembly

In addition, while manufacturing these fabrications we have trained our existing and apprentice welder to complete these assemblies. Each welder is now able to step into any stage of the build process and complete the manufacture. This additional multi-skilling means that we can still take on other welding and site welding projects. Furthermore the welders are able to assess who is best placed to work on the batch of assemblies.

The rapid feedback to the client on material receipt; build dates; collection and delivery data means that the client can confidently plan their own schedule.

In addition they are able to contact us and book manufacturing and production slots as soon as they are aware of their own build rates which can change on an ongoing monthly basis.

This peace of mind is great for our customers and we are adding value to their own supply chain. Furthermore it means they do not have to tie up their own resources in a build that fluctuates week to week.

The customer aim originally was for a fill up excess build above their own capacity. Meanwhile this has developed into a full supply of the fabrications which lets them focus on other added value operations.

As this project has developed we have seamlessly skilled up and scaled up to manage the additional volume. Material supply issues have been overcome, shipment dates tightened and flow of work streamlined.

Welding North East
Welding – Fabrication

Welding – Approval

With our ISO 9001 we can offer full traceability of materials.

Working closely with our customers and their operational team means that we are on hand to offer advice and support.  In addition, we can help them to develop the supply chain and processes needed for the smooth running of the Fabrications.

The rapid turnround of the fabrications gives them the opportunity to implement this value added solution quickly.  Furthermore, Evak Engineering’s problem-solving approach gets things done quickly and efficiently. 

As the customer said, “let us know what your capacity is and we will get the materials on order”.

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