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Welding North East

Welding North East. Evak Engineering have been welding for 40 years. Furthermore we have a team of talented welders.

Our welding includes the use Mig, Tig and Gas welding techniques on a wide range of materials. In addition the work is completed at our welding site or can be completed on the customers site depending on the type of work that is needed.

Welding Materials

Our welding uses a wide range of materials including.

  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel

Furthermore, we provide full traceability of materials and provide testing reports when required. Customer drawings and concepts are used to build the welded components and assemblies.

Fully Welded Structures

Evak Engineering provide fully welded structures for many sectors including.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Recycling
  • Automotive
  • Safety
  • Maintenance.

In addition, the welding operation supports our machine shop to provide a one-stop shop for assemblies that require both machining and welding.

Often these assemblies will also need powder-coating which is another of the services that Evak Engineering can offer. Our customer range for welding includes other machine shops who do not have welding facilities.

Emergency Welding Service North East

Furthermore, we offer an emergency welding service. This service is used by customers who have a continuous process operation. Moreover they want breakdowns resolved in-line.

Subsequently, our portable welding response times for these services are within the hour through to next day service. That is to say dependant on the service the customer selects.

Concept Stage & Design

Evak Engineering can assist with the concept stage and design of the customers product. Furthermore we assist by providing support and innovative solutions. Our problem-solving techniques help to design out manufacturing and processing issues.

Welding work can be from one off repair, individual component through to larger scale fabrications which can take 2-3 months to complete and assemble.

These larger assemblies are project managed by our own team in conjunction with our customers designers and engineers.

Evak Engineering are delivering to a wide range of sectors and has a customer base in the North East and beyond.

Welding North East, Evak Engineering
Welding North East

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