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Your Homes Newcastle FireDocBox

Your Homes Newcastle FireDocBox

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13 December 2021

Your Homes Newcastle FireDocBox – North engineering firm plans production increase of fire safety boxes for apartment blocks

A North East engineering company that has developed a secure fire safety box for large apartment blocks is planning on gearing up production.

 Your Homes Newcastle FireDocBox

FireDocBox – Your Homes Newcastle

Evak Engineering designed the FireDocBox after being approached by Your Homes Newcastle’s (YHN) . They were looking for a solution to store important documents and keys.

Documents including building plans and the location of fire hydrants and fire doors are kept within the box to help fire crews during emergencies and safety checks.

Keys, such as those to access gas cupboards, are also kept within them to help crews deal with emergency situations.

Fireproof Solution

After making prototypes, the team at Evak came up with a highly fireproof solution. Furthermore these are now being rolled out to other property management firms.

David Snaith, Fire Safety Officer at YHN, said: “Previously, we had different types of safe boxes across our larger blocks of flats. We wanted a bespoke box that was common across those properties to help fire officers easily identify them.

“We needed them to include a special bi-lock system so only the fire brigade can access the contents. Evak is local to us and we approached them. We are delighted that they have offered a perfect, value for money solution. It also proves our commitment to working with local businesses where possible.”

Paul Keast, Managing Director of Wallsend-based Evak, said that due to the popularity of the boxes, other property management firms have since ordered and are using FireDocBox.

He said: “I am thrilled that after being approached by YHN we were able to provide a solution. FireDocBox is as fire-resistant anything possibly can be. As well an area to store all the relevant documents, there are places for keys.

“We have worked with a specialist manufacturer that produces locks that are extremely secure. These locks already used for other equipment used by the fire brigade, so they have the special keys already. The end result was welcomed by Your Homes Newcastle and we are now receiving orders from other property management companies.”

Apartment Blocks North East

One of those is Brannen & Partners, which manages more than 200 apartment blocks across the North East. They have already placed an order for 40 of the boxes with more orders being planned.

Wendy Crosland, Property Manager for Brannen & Partners, said: “So far, I have ordered 35 for the properties I manage and I know other property managers are ordering them.

“The FireDocBox is very helpful in our larger developments and contain extra information such as site maps, which are more crucial in light of the Grenfell Tower fire. At those developments with elderly residents, we can also inform the fire crews of those who need extra assistance by placing the information within the box.”

Evak’s Paul Keast added: “It has been a pleasure working with everyone on this project. We focus on providing metal engineering solutions to our customers and have a long history of working with other companies to provide the highest quality standards of workmanship and final product.”

If you have any questions about our FireDocBox please feel free to contact us.

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